WexCast: Alicia McCarthy & Oliver Hawk Holden

Melissa Starker, Creative Content & PR Manager

Mon, Mar 18, 2019

For this WexCast, we go back to the beginning of our cycle of winter exhibitions, to a conversation between assistant curator Lucy Zimmerman, Alicia McCarthy, and her assistant and fellow artist, Oliver Hawk Holden. Fresh from completing McCarthy's site-specific mural No Straight Lines in the Wex lobby, the artists discuss the sometimes disorienting effects of working large scale (a recent project had them covering the side of a building in San Francisco). McCarthy also talks about her relationship to graffiti, past and present, and how her time spent at Humboldt State University in California left as deep a mark on her life and work as her experience with the group of artists later known loosely as the Mission School. And Holden highlights some of the large-scale work he's known for individually.

We're happy to share that No Straight Lines will remain on view at the Wex through August 1.

Artists Alicia McCarthy and Oliver Hawk Holden work on the site-specific mural No Straight Lines at the Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University



"With the importance of the hand involved, meaning the lines that move and aren't ruled out and straight, the images are dependent on that. But [they're] equally dependent on a variation of all different colors, and not soothing palettes. I could make something that's soothing, but I'm not interested in that."
Alicia McCarthy

Process photos of McCarthy and Holden: Lucy Zimmerman.

Image of mural painted by artist Alicia McCarthy on the wall overlooking Civic Center BART station on Market and 7th Street in San Francisco

McCarthy and crew working on a recent project: an eight-story mural at Market and 7th Street in San Francisco. 

Image of oversized figurative sculpture by Oliver Hawk Holden

Sculptural work by Oliver Hawk Holden at Juxtapose Clubhouse 2018 in Miami.