Teaser: Back to Back Theatre's Oddlands

Feb 07, 2020

Back to Back Theatre company members Simon Laherty and Sonia Teuben in white hazmat outfits, seen standing shoulders up against a solid beige background

Australia's Back to Back Theatre is making its first Columbus appearance February 13–15 with the new play The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes. As with all of the company's performance works, Shadow was created in collaboration with its neurodiverse stock cast. For a preview of what can come from this process, there's the 2017 short Oddlands, produced in partnership with Matchbox Pictures.

In it, actors Sonia Teuben and Simon Laherty (who also appears in Shadow) play members of a cleanup crew in a toxic wasteland. When they discover a sole human survivor, they're forced to decide whether to save the stranger or themselves. You can watch below.