Holiday 2018: A few of our favorite things

Wexner Center staff, photos by Brynne McGregor

Wed, Nov 21, 2018

Looking for creative holiday gift ideas? A few of our staffers are on the job with picks from the Wexner Center Store.

Michael Fletcher, Design Intern

Wexner Center Design intern Michael Fletcher wearing the WEX Museum League Scarf by Maurizio Cattelan, designed exclusively for the Wexner Center Store

WEX Museum League Scarf by Maurizio Cattelan for Seletti, $65

"Each winter I find myself feeling conflicted as part of me wants to escape the frigid weather and another part of me loves wrapping up in my favorite scarves. The scarf designed by Cattelan and Seletti as part of their Museum League series is now my top choice to sport when braving the icy elements. Beyond its ability to provide warmth and comfort is its unique combo of contemporary art and football scarf tradition to create a contagious feeling of fun and cheer. A perfect gift for the art lovers, football fans, and everyone in between.”


Valerie Glenn, Patron Services Coordinator, House Management

Wexner Center for the Arts House Management staffer Valerie Glenn with holiday gift suggestion of Pocket Operators portable synthesizers by Teenage Engineering

Pocket Operator portable synthesizers by Teenage Engineering, $49-89

"This is an awesome, reasonably priced little sequencer for musicians of all stripes! I’ve seen them in action in a live setting and for being so tiny, they are powerful! Reasonably priced for the punch, super portable and tons of fun. You can’t go wrong with Rhythm or Speak."
(Ed. note: Full selection is available in-store.)


Sonia Baidya, Lighting Supervisor

Wexner Center for the Arts Lighting Supervisor Sonia Baidya models the Louise Bourgeois sleep mask by Third Drawer Down for the 2018 holiday gift guide

Louise Bourgeois Silk Portrait Eye Mask by Third Drawer Down, $22

"It takes a lot of long days in the tech world to bring these awesome shows I get to work on .... but sneaking in a little nap during breaks helps me power through!!"


James-David Mericle, Preparator

Wexner Center for the Arts Preparator James-David Mericle with an LP album by the Operators for the 2018 holiday gift guide

Operators, Nemesis (aka EP1), $15

"They got the Electric Funk!"
(Ed. note: Available in-store only)


Seyi Adeyemi, Customer Service Student Assistant

Wexner Center for the Arts Customer Service Student Assistant Seyi Adeyemi with a copy of the magazine Garage for the 2018 holiday gift guide

Garage Magazine, $25 (biannual issue)

"This magazine is so diverse in a beautiful way! It features photographers from Deana Lawson to Nadine Ijewere. My favorite section was with Miquela—she's in the photographs but never there in real life!"
(Ed. note: Available in-store only)


Sherri Geldin, Director

Wexner Center for the Arts Director Sherri Geldin with Wex membership cards for the 2018 holiday gift guide

Wexner Center for the Arts annual membership, $75-1000

Give the gift that sparks (and rewards) creative curiosity with dazzling artistry from around the globe—membership at the Wex! Think of it as the cultural passport that brings the world to you and yours.