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WexCast: Hugs and Kisses

Tue, Jun 5, 2018
by Melissa Starker & Sonia Baidya

Hugs and Kisses is in a category of its own, as you know if you've seen the Columbus band perform. Frequently hilarious, occasionally profane, and always inspired, the group will take the Bicentennial Stage at the Columbus Arts Fest on Saturday, June 9, at 3:35 PM as part of a block of programming curated by the Wex's performing arts team. For this WexCast, cofounders Donny Monaco and Jacoti Sommes chat with an old friend, Wex lighting supervisor Sonia Baidya, about the group's origins, interests, and collaborators. There's also talk of dirt (you just have to listen). For more about the band, follow Hugs and Kisses on Facebook and Instagram.

Hugs and Kisses image L to R, Sylvie Mix, Maika Carter, Donny Monaco and Jacoti Sommes, photo: Tony Collinger


PARKING UPDATE: Construction at 15th and High. For more information click here.
CAFÉ UPDATE: Heirloom will be temporarily closed on Fri., June 15.

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