Everybody loves Gray Matters

Densil Porteous, Director, Marketing/Communications

Jul 25, 2017

Installation shot

Haven’t made it to our summer exhibition yet?

Here’s everyone from Hyperallergic to our followers on Twitter (and Instgram) on why it’s a must-see.


"Goodson chose a simple formal conceit for Gray Matters: It is a group show featuring 37 [women] artists working almost exclusively in shades of gray. Considering that the show was both a rigorous exercise in finding balance among so many monochrome visions…Goodson turned out a dazzling exhibition.”

Hyperallergic (Read more here.)


Check out Gray Matters @wexarts ASAP. Anne Marie has the story @pencilstorm @614Magazine @WCBE905Columbus #thewex

— Colin Gawel (@colingawel) July 21, 2017


#GrayMatters at @wexarts [ft. #BethanyCollins] reviewed by @hyperallergic!

— Richard Gray Gallery (@RichardGrayGall) July 24, 2017



masterpiece and work in progress, we are • #graymatters #allwomenallyear

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'Gray Matters' at @wexarts features 37 #women artist all working in shades between black and gray. #AllWomenAllYear

— Densil Porteous (@densilporteous) June 26, 2017




#graymatters #sparklesmatter

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Gray Matters marks the midpoint of a year in which the center’s exhibition program consists solely of women artists. Check out #allwomenallyear for more!