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Jérôme Bel Cédric Andrieux

Performing Arts

Images © Herman Sorgeloos
Jérôme Bel
Cédric Andrieux
Tue, Nov 1, 2011 8 PM
“The passage in which Andrieux enacts Cunningham’s requests and his own responses is breathtaking.… This section shows us dance from the inside.”—New York Times

Cédric Andrieux is part of a series of witty and insightful projects leading French choreographer Jérôme Bel has created in collaboration with notable dancers. Bel, who is known for his conceptual approach to choreography, created this format to illuminate the dancers’ lives through words and movement, combining telling details of their lives with key passages from dances that mark their journeys as artists.

In this solo, danced and narrated by Andrieux, the French-born dancer traces the arc of his development in and out of the studio and on and off the stage. His story begins with his early training as a contemporary dancer, then moves on to his time at a prestigious conservatory in Paris and continues through his professional life as a performer with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and Lyon Opera Ballet. Columbus dance audiences captivated by the Cunningham company’s Legacy Tour performance at the Wexner Center in 2010 will particularly appreciate this opportunity to immerse themselves in Andrieux’s firsthand experiences with that modern dance master.

Presented by the Wexner Center in association with BalletMet.