Wexner Center for the Arts

The Law in These Parts

Tue, May 21, 2013 7 PM
Film/Video Theater

Winner of the Best Documentary Award at both the Sundance and Jerusalem film festivals, the fascinating and devastating The Law in These Parts meticulously explores the gap between what is legal and what is just. Talking with some of the Israeli lawyers and judges who created and interpret the legal structure put in place after the 1967 Six Days War to treat the West Bank and Gaza Strip as occupied territories, acclaimed filmmaker Ra’anan Alexandrowicz asks tough, pointed questions and gets even tougher answers. Asking his subjects to consider the consequences of their actions, Alexandrowicz takes the position that unjust laws create unjust realities and the results are tragic for everyone, the judges and the judged, alike. (101 mins., DCP)

Visit Shimon Attie’s exhibition MetroPAL.IS. before the screening for another treatment of the way language affects Israeli and Palestinian relations. The exhibition will be open until 7 PM this evening so you can stop by, and gallery admission is free with your film ticket. See the exhibition pages for more about the show.