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(Erik Gandini, 2009)
Image courtesy of Lorber Films
Erik Gandini, 2009
Fri, May 14, 2010 7 PM
Sat, May 15, 2010 7 PM
“There are moments in Videocracy when it feels as if you were watching a transmission from another planet.”—New York Times

Employing archival material and contemporary interviews, Videocracy is a scathing portrait of the televisual world created by Italy’s scandal plagued Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Reelected for a third term in 2008, the former media mogul is synonymous with corruption and outrageous declarations (President Obama is “suntanned,” Mussolini sent people away on “holiday”), not to mention the proliferation of scantily clad women on the media outlets he controls. Director Gandini compellingly equates celebrity with power in measuring Berlusconi’s impact on Italian culture. (85 mins., video)

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