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Sixty Six


Courtesy of the artists.
Courtesy of the artists.
Courtesy of the artists.
Sixty Six | SFIFF59
Sixty Six

(Lewis Klahr, 2002–15)

Lewis Klahr in person

Fri, Apr 7, 2017 7 PM

Sixty Six is one of the finest cinematic achievements of the year and a terrific introduction to Mr. Klahr’s work….He deserves a wider audience.”—New York Times

Take “a cosmic road trip” (Film Comment) with Sixty Six, the latest and most acclaimed feature by Lewis Klahr, a recipient of the Wexner Center’s Artist Residency Award in media arts. In his remarkable collage animations, Klahr “reanimates” images from mid-20th-century advertisements, comic books, and other ephemeral talismans of American popular culture to produce oblique narratives about emotional, memory-haunted characters. Like a calendar, Sixty Six is made up of 12 separate chapters that travel through pop landscapes of 1966 Los Angeles (with overtones of Greek mythology). Narratives appear and submerge as you’re sent into a reverie on time, history, storytelling, and much more. “Lethe,” the work’s melodramatic final chapter set to Mahler, was produced with the center’s support. (90 mins., DCP)

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