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Is It Really So Strange?


Image courtesy of William Jones

Is It Really So Strange?
William Jones, 2004

New Documentary

Nonfiction filmmaking holds a strong appeal for many committed directors and producers. This ongoing series lets you sample wide-ranging approaches to the contemporary documentary.

Thu, May 12, 2005 7 PM

An intimate look at contemporary fans of the Smiths and Morrissey, Los Angelesñbased filmmaker William Jones's Is It Really So Strange? focuses on mostly Latino Southern California kids whose lives revolve around those icons of 1980s' Manchester pop.
Shadowing a Smiths tribute band, the Sweet and Tender Hooligans, the film explores the surprisingly iconic status Morrissey continues to hold among working-class Latino kids in southern California and offers close-up looks at the kids and musicians plus brief "sightings" of Morrissey himself (lately a resident of Los Angeles). In its review of a companion exhibition of Jones's photos, Artforum recently noted, "As in the best documentary work, the unseen photographer becomes a curious presence...moving from objective distance as an observer to an empathic proximity as a friend." (80 mins.)

Jones received postproduction support for the project from the Wexner Center's Art & Technology program.

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