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Horse Feathers


Horse Feathers
Photo courtesy Universal Pictures

Horse Feathers
Norman Z. McLeod, 1932

College Coach

William Wellman, 1933

College Football on Film

To say college football is popular in Columbus is a gross understatement, but the sport was arguably even more popular across the country in the 1920s and 30s. This five-film series reflects Hollywood's interest in the sport at the time and suggests that many of the problems facing college athletics today existed decades ago.

Fri, Sep 29, 2006 7 PM

Two classic college football films from the thirties--the Marx Bros.' Horse Feathers and College Coach, starring Pat O'Brien

Second feature start time: 8:20 pm.
Amid the Marx Bros.' typical zaniness, Horse Feathers finds Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff (Groucho) as the newly installed president of Huxley College. His attempts to recruit two ringers for the big game against Darwin U. land him Chico and Harpo instead. Swordfish! (68 mins., 35mm)

In College Coach, Pat O'Brien stars as a ruthless coach who will do anything--fix grades, pay players--to win. His zeal costs him wife Ann Dvorak and alienates student Dick Powell in the process. Look quick for a young John Wayne, a half-decade removed from his football days with Southern Cal. (75 mins., 16mm)

College Coach print courtesy the UCLA Film and Television Archive.