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Garden of Earthly Delights


Image courtesy of International Film Circuit

Garden of Earthly Delights
Lech Majewski , 2006

Cinematheque: Lech Majewski

The films of Lech Majewski are characterized by such striking visual compositions and so keen a grasp of artistic traditions in almost every medium that it’s no surprise to learn the filmmaker is also a composer, poet, painter, novelist, and stage director of opera and theater productions. Until May 2006, when the Museum of Modern Art organized an extensive retrospective of his film and video work, Majewski (who was trained in Poland but works internationally) was probably best known in the U.S. for producing and writing the story of Julian Schnabel’s<i>Basquiat</i>. This selection provides a welcome introduction to a fully developed cinematic sensibility.

Wed, Sep 5, 2007 7 PM

A beautiful British art historian, obsessively studying Hieronymous Bosch’s painting Garden of Earthly Delights, decides to take a lover and head to Venice when she finds she only has a few months to live.

Full of wonderfully realized details and emotions, Majewski’s film is composed of the couple’s intimate video diaries before, during, and after their Venetian attempt to create heaven on earth. The gorgeous visuals, erotic honesty, and philosophical ambition recall the best works by Atom Egoyan, Peter Greenaway, and Mike Figgis. (103 mins., 35mm)

Made in Ohio reception

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