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Day Night Day Night


Image of Day Night Day Night courtesy of IFC First Take Films
Day Night Day Night
Julia Loktev, 2006

preceded by Presto–Perfect Sound

Manon de Boer, 2006
Fri, July 20, 2007 7 PM
Sat, July 21, 2007 7 PM
"The Cannes Film Festival's single most riveting work... an unforeseen tour de force. A genuinely unnerving and unexpectedly moving experience."--FILM COMMENT

In Day Night Day Night, her much-discussed debut film, Julia Loktev takes a provocative premise and pares it down to its essentials. A 19-year-old girl meets with three masked men in a hotel room. She receives instructions on how to perform her duties as a suicide bomber in Times Square and then is dropped on the street and left to her own devices. The result is a tense character study with a great attention to details and a mesmerizing central performance by newcomer Luisa Williams. (94 mins., 35mm)

Presto—Perfect Sound offers a short portrait of composer and violinist George van Dam performing a Bartok violin sonata. (6 mins., 35mm)

Day Night Day Night trailer: