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City Lights


City Lights
Image courtesy of Janus Films

City Lights

Modern Times

Retrospective: Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin's singular blend of slapstick, pathos, and social satire made him one of the greatest artists the cinema has ever produced. His iconic Tramp, perhaps the most recognizable character in film's history, has delighted generations of moviegoers in every corner of the world since he first appeared on screen in 1914. This 17-film series is a wonderful opportunity to experience Chaplin's timeless artistry on the big screen in gorgeous new 35mm prints.


Many classic films are just as powerful today as when they were first released. We add such films from many genres to our schedule throughout the season. Many are shown on the occasion of their rereleases, in fresh, new or restored prints.

Thu, May 19, 2011 7 PM

Chaplin developed sound effects and music for these not-quite-talkies, two of his most effective mixtures of comedy and pathos.

In City Lights, the Tramp enjoys the good graces of a millionaire, but only when the tycoon is drunk, and bounces around odd jobs to win the heart of a blind flower peddler. The final scene is among cinema's most memorable…and devastating. (87 mins., 35mm)

Modern Times features the last appearance of Chaplin's Tramp. In it, the Tramp finds himself caught in the gears of modern automation, both figuratively and, famously, literally! Happily, true love arrives in the form of a beautiful waif played by Paulette Goddard, a match that allows each to cope with the tough life of the working poor. (87 mins., 35mm) Modern Times begins at 8:40 PM.

Prints courtesy of Janus Films.

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