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Bruce McClure Projection Performance


Images courtesy of Bruce McClure
Bruce McClure Projection Performance
Fri, Nov 9, 2007 7 PM
Brooklyn-based Bruce McClure makes his first Columbus appearance with one of his in-demand projection performances.

McClure loads custom-made film loops into three specially modified 16mm projectors and then hooks the projectors up to guitar-effect pedals, using the projectors and their beams of light as a densely modulating instrument. The result is a unique film that exists only during the moment of projection, and an experience that’s impossible to record or describe. The throbbing visuals (which have been compared to the paintings of Mark Rothko, the films of Paul Sharits, and the motion optics of rotoreliefs) combine with the dense soundscape of visceral, modulating beats to build a transporting sensation of existing outside of time and space. (program app. 100 mins., 16mm)